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Hello and welcome to MarketingBlocks 2.0 Review.

For an online business to carefully reach its target audience with the right message, they need to create Marketing Assets tailored to meet the audience's needs for the message to resonate with them.

If not, sales will suffer as well as the business itself.

What are these marketing assets?

Marketing assets include anything a business uses to promote its products, services, or brand. Emails, brochures, presentations, sales letters, blog articles, website content, videos, and images are some of the most popular assets available to external customers.

Creating each of these assets costs time and money.

You need to brainstorm, plan and outsource the design of these assets. Not to mention the time delay from the freelancers.

What if you have a tool that could create these assets in minutes with just a keyword?

You heard me right...

MarketingBlocks 2.0 is a timely piece of software you need to look into today.

If you're looking for more knowledge about MarketingBlocks 2.0 then please read through my in-depth MarketingBlocks 2.0 Review before pick this, to assess the strengths & weaknesses of it.

I’ll cover what it does, who is it best for, how much it costs, features & benefits, Pros & Cons, what are the upsells or OTOs, so you can make a more informed decision about choosing it and assuming that it's appropriate for you.

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Table of Contents :
1. MarketingBlocks 2.0 Review - Overview
2. What is exactly MarketingBlocks 2.0?
3. Who is behind MarketingBlocks 2.0?
4. What Are the Features & Benefits of MarketingBlocks 2.0?
5. How does MarketingBlocks 2.0 work?
6. Who is MarketingBlocks 2.0 best for?
7. MarketingBlocks 2.0 Review - The Pros
8. MarketingBlocks 2.0 Review - The Cons
9. Is it worth buying?
10. MarketingBlocks 2.0 Review - The Price & Funnels
11. MarketingBlocks 2.0 Review - Frequently Asked Questions
12. MarketingBlocks 2.0 Review - Special Bonus

MarketingBlocks 2.0 Review - Overview

marketingblocks 2.0 overview
Product Name MarketingBlocks 2.0
Vendor Ifiok Nkem
Launch Date 2022-Dec-19 (11:00 EST)
Front-End Price $47 (Will increase soon)
Coupon Code 'MB20'
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Niche Software
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonus
Official site Click To Visit

What is exactly MarketingBlocks 2.0?

MarketingBlocks 2.0 is an All-in-1 A.I.-Powered Platform That Creates Landing Pages, Logos, Videos, Banners, Ads, Marketing Copy, Emails, Voiceovers, and much more in minutes from just a keyword!

Using the most advanced technologies… This tool makes you the marketing success you’ve always wanted to be.

Who is behind MarketingBlocks 2.0?

marketingblocks 2.0 creator

The man behind this software is Ifiok Nkem, who is a full-stack digital marketer & SaaSpreneur.

After experiencing a massive career shift (Medical doctor turned digital marketer), he built a multi-million dollar online business starting with just $100 and a laptop he borrowed from a friend.

He founded SnapiLABs – a tech innovation lab that has created and successfully launched MULTIPLE SaaS Bestsellers... Over $10 million in sales and 60,000 happy users from 47 countries.

Ifiok was vetted by Forbes & accepted into the prestigious Forbes Business Council in recognition of his track record of successfully impacting entreprenuers & small businesses, industry leadership as well as personal and professional achievements.

You can know him through many launches such as ADABundle Agency, Vidjack Reloaded, Viral Lead Funels, LocalAgencyBox, CopyBlocks AI, ClientFinda, VideoTours360, Socicake v3, and so much more. All of them are highly appreciated by experts in the marketing field...

I think we can trust to use his product. With all the experience he has, it will bring us the new game changer and we can hope a success.

What Are the Features & Benefits of MarketingBlocks 2.0?

[1] AI Creates Full Landing Pages And Websites From Just A Keyword or URL

AI creates the layout, writes the copy, searches for relevant media, and combines everything to create high-converting landing pages for more leads & sales.

Comes with a drag'n-drop page builder so you can edit everything in a few clicks.

Import & Redesign Any Landing Page In Seconds Using AI

No Writing, Designing or Coding is Required.

[2] AI Writes Marketing Copy In 100+ Languages For Any Niche

Create & sell content for social media, blogs, websites, sales pages, SEO, company profile, Ecom stores without writing a single word yourself.

200x cheaper than professional writers and 500x faster than humans.

[3] AI Writer Writes Full Blog, Books, Business Plans, VSL Scripts, Courses & More In Minutes

Generate just the content you need without brainstorming, writing, or even editing. Find the angle that suits you the best & even re-write the same content in unimaginable ways.

Comes with a powerful content editor to make content creation a breeze.

Turn 2 Words Into 1,200 Words Blog Post In 2 Mins

[4] AI Creates High Converting Banner Designs In Minutes

AI designs stunning, conversion-friendly banners and ads with original content written specifically for your business.

AI writes the script for you, searches for relevant media, and combines everything to BULK create gorgeous designs that drive traffic, leads, and sales.

Comes with a drag'n-drop graphic editing tool so you can edit everything easily.

[5] AI Creates Promo Videos In 60 Seconds Using AI

AI will create professional videos to engage your audience and turn them into high-paying customers. AI writes the script for you, searches for relevant media, and combines everything to create professional videos to promote your business.

Engaging & attention-grabbing promo videos with original content written specifically for your business.

Comes with a drag'n-drop video editing tool so you can edit everything easily.

[6] Turn Any Text Into Compelling Images & Arts In Seconds Using A.I

Instantly generate photorealistic arts you can use in your business or sell to clients.

Generate in seconds & use them to grab attention & drive more traffic & engagement.

Find the perfect image for your next video, social post, ad, blog, NFT, or website, using only a keyword.

[7] AI Writes Voiceover Scripts & Generate Human-Like Voiceovers In Seconds

AI writes a powerful script and turns it into audio using one of our human-like voiceovers to help sell your business. Choose from a wide section of 30 high-quality male and female AI voices.

Most natural human voices for every type of content - sales videos, explainer videos, ads, demo videos, vlogs, social media, training videos, video commercials, and many more.

[8] Create Logo & Business Cards In 60 Seconds Using AI

AI will create anything & everything you need to define your brand identity - professional logo, business cards, mission & vision statements, slogan, taglines, value proposition, and many more in less than 60 seconds.

[9] Generate IDEAS with AI

Use AI to generate and brainstorm ideas for your business and your clients.

- Marketing ideas
- Growth ideas
- Viral ideas
- Business Model Canvas
- Book Ideas
- And many more...

[10] AI Helps Create Courses In Minutes

Use AI to brainstorm & generate :

- Course ideas
- Course titles
- Course outlines
- Course descriptions
- Course content
- Course marketing assets

[11] AI Helps Write Books To Build Authority & Sell Your Products

Use AI to brainstorm & generate :

- Book ideas
- Book titles
- Book outline
- Book chapters content
- Book foreword
- Book introductions
- Book dedication
- Author bio
- And many more...

[12] AI Writes Voiceover Scripts & Generate Human-Like Voiceovers In Seconds

Instead of spending hours manually erasing pixels in photoshop, you can just edit the background out of an image with just one click.

Say goodbye to all your editing struggles... This tool can automatically remove the background of an image perfectly within seconds.

[13] Turn boring photos and portraits into moving videos and bring them to life.

Convert more viewers into customers with studio-quality animations.

[14] Instantly colorize black and white photos with advanced AI algorithms.

Old family photos and historical figure portraits… all can be enhanced with stunning colors.

Restore old images with just a few clicks and refresh your and your clients past memory.

[15] AI Erases any unwanted object, defect, people, watermark or text from your pictures in seconds

Just upload any image, use the brush to paint any object you want remove and boom AI cleans it in 1 click.

[16] Let AI Answer Top Questions On Quora & Social Groups To Boost Authority & Get FREE Buyer Traffic

Build trust and authority by establishing yourself as a leader in your industry and niche.

Create answers by entering only a few points and generate brilliant results.

Just type any trending quora question and the AI will write out intelligent, detailed and helpful answers that will help you establish authority => trust ==> traffic, leads & sales.

[17] Let AI help you outline & write the perfect article that will rank on search engines & bring you FREE traffic.

Use the top results for any target search query to curate SEO-optimized briefs in minutes.

Pull in any related forum questions from Reddit, Quora, and People Also Asked boxes and use AI to generate additional questions your readers may have.

How does MarketingBlocks 2.0 work?

MarketingBlocks 2.0 works in 3 simple steps.

Step #1 : Enter Product Name & Description - Enter keywords of your choice.

Step #2 : Select The Type Of Online Business Asset - Decide from a wide variety of marketing choices such as landing pages, Facebook ads, graphics, email swipes, and more.

Step #3 : A.I. Generates 100% Original Online Business Asset - Watch as their AI gets to work to generate high-converting marketing assets for your business.

Check Out The Full Demo Video Below

See What Others Are Saying About MarketingBlocks 2.0

marketingblocks 2.0 testimonial

Who is MarketingBlocks 2.0 best for?

I think MarketingBlocks 2.0 is appropriate for all digital marketers. And for those who want to see their business grow immediately.

  • Online Marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Video Marketers
  • Ecommerce Owners
  • Product Coaches/Trainers
  • Content Creators
  • Digital & SAAS Product Sellers
  • Start-Ups
  • Info-Sellers
  • Restaurants, Realtors, Gym, etc.
  • Local Consultant
  • Agency Owners
  • Local businesses
  • Any other kinds of online business

Is it worth buying?

I would definitely recommend MarketingBlocks 2.0 app to beginners and professionals who wish to take their online business to a new height!

It’s difficult to find a system that creates all your marketing assets in one dashboard. And when you do, the average business owner will not be able to afford it.

Imagine a system that creates professional landing pages, video ads, stunning graphics/logos, courses, ebooks and lead magnets, email sequence, marketing copies and voiceovers in one dashboard at a very affordable price.

Hiring freelancers and agencies to help you with all this… will cost you way MORE than just money.

Soar your business to new heights using this futuristic marketing tool that helps you automate processes, cut costs and reach your target audience effortlessly.

You might be a little unsure whether you want to try it or not (although I have seen what’s inside MarketingBlocks 2.0 and I know you’re just going to love it).

But still to make you 100% comfortable and excited to try MarketingBlocks 2.0...the vendor have included a full 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee in this offer. That means you will get every penny back in case you don’t want to use MarketingBlocks 2.0. (No Questions Asked!)

It’s a true win-win!

Try this out completely Risk-Free for 30 days to get The Futuristic Marketing App with zero monthly fees.

It will be totally worth it!

And when you grab MarketingBlocks 2.0 today through my link, then you'll also get my never seen before MEGA Pack of Bonuses.

So, what are you waiting for?

Don't wait till the price starts rising... And you end up paying more.

marketingblocks 2.0 get instant access

MarketingBlocks 2.0 Review - The Pros

Create ALL Online Business Assets For Local & Online Businesses In Just 1-Click

Edit Everything Using A.I. Powered Built-In Tools

Built-In Wizard Auto-generates & Resizes For Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc.

✔ Newbie Friendly – Very Easy-to-Use Interface

✔ No Technical Skills Required

✔ 100% Cloud Based App. Nothing To Download Or Install

✔ 24/7 Dedicated Support

✔ Free Commercial License Included

✔ 30 Day 'No Questions Asked' Money Back Guarantee.

MarketingBlocks 2.0 Review - The Cons

✖ So far I haven't found any issue.

✖ The price will be increased soon.

So, I highly recommend you pick ‘MarketingBlocks 2.0’ now at a massive early bird discount as soon as possible… before it’s gone!

MarketingBlocks 2.0 Review - The Price & Funnels

Front End : MarketingBlocks 2.0 ($47) (See Details)

marketingblocks 2.0
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Credits
  • 40,000 Words
  • AI Landing Page Builder
  • AI Copywriter
  • AI Graphics Editor
  • AI Voiceovers App
  • AI Video
  • AI Text to Image
  • AI Background Remover(100)
  • Long Form Writer
  • AI Email Writer
  • AI Stock Media - Unlimited
  • Easy Translator In 120+ Languages
  • MarketingBlocks Academy
  • 1-on-1 Live Zoom consultation Call
  • Weekly Training + Skype Mentorship
  • Fast Action Bonuses
  • FREE Commercial License
  • Jaw-Dropping 77% DISCOUNT.
  • Mega Bonus Package - Worth $9000
  • Low One-Time Fee
  • 24/7 Round The Clock Support.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

— Massive MarketingBlocks 2.0 Bundle Offer —

Get MarketingBlocks 2.0 With All The OTOs For $657 $497 $197

Apply Coupon Code "MB300" For $300 Off

OTO 1: MarketingBlocks 2.0 Unlimited ($247/Year) (See Details)

  • Remove Their Branding From ALL The Assets
  • Create UNLIMITED Campaigns
  • Create UNLIMITED Landing Pages
  • Create UNLIMITED Ads
  • Create UNLIMITED Marketing Copy
  • Create UNLIMITED Promo Videos
  • Create UNLIMITED Email Swipes
  • Create UNLIMITED Voiceovers
  • Create UNLIMITED Graphics
  • Sell UNLIMITED Projects
  • Host UNLIMITED Videos
  • Enjoy UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • Make UNLIMITED Offers
  • Earn UNLIMITED Profits
  • Premium VIP Support
  • Special Bonus Tool #1 : UNLOCK A.I. Image Colorizer (100)
  • Special Bonus Tool #2 : UNLOCK A.I. Graphics Animer (30)
  • Special Bonus Tool #3 : UNLOCK A.I. Image Eraser Tool (100)
  • Special Bonus Tool #4 : Big Surprise (inside)
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

OTO 2: MarketingBlocks 2.0 Consultancy ($97) (See Details)

  • Start A Marketing Consultancy
  • Client/Team Member Access
  • Stunning Ready-Made Video Consultancy Website
  • Irresistible Proposal (MS Word & Powerpoint)
  • Highly Optimized Cold Call Email Sequence
  • Pimped-To-Sell Telemarketing Scripts For Videos
  • Print-Ready Commercial Graphic Templates For Video Services
  • DFY Facebook Ad Creatives
  • DFY Web Banners & Google Ads
  • DFY Legal Contract Vetted By An Attorney
  • Agency Dashboard With Multi-User Access
  • Free Bonuses
  • Money-Back Guarantee

OTO 3: MarketingBlocks 2.0 ArtBlocks ($47) (See Details)

  • Access 100% original Images that mesmerizes, enages & convert every single time.
  • Create your own stock images, art, NFTs, YouTube thumbnails, social post, blog images, or whatever.
  • Save money by skipping expensive freelancers & agencies with technology that is 20 times cheaper than humans.
  • Save hours of brainstorming time with the best A.I. powered software that is 50X faster than humans.
  • 100% ownership + Agency rights - Use in your business or sell to clients for big bucks.
  • BONUS TOOL : Image Upscaler This A.I. Powered Tool upscales blurry images & art into high definition quality.

OTO 4: MarketingBlocks 2.0 AI TRAFFIC And SEO Content Briefs ($67) (See Details)

  • Create Guaranteed-To-Rank Content
  • Find Headings & Questions For TOP Ranking Content
  • See Titles, Headers & Summary
  • Generate AI-Written Paragraphs
  • Generate Meta Tags Automatically
  • Publish To Unlimited Social Media Platforms & Websites
  • Sell To Unlimited Clients
  • Make Unlimited Profits
  • Full Training & Videos Included
  • Commercial License To Sell Guaranteed-To-Rank Content To Clients & Customers
  • Fast Action Bonuses

OTO 5: MarketingBlocks 2.0 AI Authority Builder ($67/Year) (See Details)

  • Fully Automated Quora & Facebook Group Reply System
  • Send Targeted Traffic To Your Websites/Pages
  • Generate Quality Leads That Are Itching To Buy Your Products/Services
  • Help your Brand Pop Up In Google Searches Without SEO
  • Generate FREE (Organic) Traffic
  • Establish Trust And Authority In Your Industry
  • Save Time And Money On Manually Building Authority
  • Exclusive Features For One Time Offer
  • Money-Back Guarantee

MarketingBlocks 2.0 Review - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. Are There Any Limitations or Restrictions?

    A. Yes… depending on the license you signed up for… you can use this AI software to create up to 20 projects with a total of 50 pages, 50 promo videos, 500 graphics, 100,000 characters voiceovers, 40,000 words, 100 background removals and unlimited stock media access. The Unlimited upgrade unlocks unlimited projects & words.

  • Q2. Do I Need To Install Any Software?

    A. No need to install or download anything. MarketingBlocks 2.0 is fully cloud-based so you can effortlessly generate content on the go!

  • Q3. How Do I Get Support?

    A. Simply write them an email or chat with them and have your queries answered within no time.

    Also I am always available for you. Simply write me an email at [email protected]...

  • Q4. Do They Have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee?

    A. Yes. If you are not happy with your experience, email them & get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

— MarketingBlocks 2.0 Mega Bonus - Worth $9000 —
»» Check All My Jaw-Dropping Bonuses Here ««

Conclusion : In my opinion, MarketingBlocks 2.0 is helpful to grow your business and allows you to enjoy a lot of features. If You are a serial business owner or creator I recommend you MarketingBlocks 2.0. It helps you a lot in your online business and saves your time and money as well.

I hope that my MarketingBlocks 2.0 Review can help you to make up your mind more accurately and quickly. If you have any questions then you can email me to [email protected] without any second thoughts. Thank you for reading. Good luck to you!

marketingblocks 2.0 visit the official website

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