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linguascribe review

Did you know that 75% of Internet users are not English speakers?

That is right. The Internet is in every pocket now & most of the newer audience is not looking for content in English.

The question is, are you reaching them?

If not, you're losing money. You're losing visitors & sales.

The fix is easy.

But how?

With this Brand New Software that opens up amazing possibilities with voice & language.

Table of Contents :
1. LinguaScribe Review Overview
2. About The Creators
3. What is LinguaScribe?
4. Who is LinguaScribe best for?
5. How does LinguaScribe work?
6. LinguaScribe Features
7. LinguaScribe - The Pros
8. LinguaScribe - The Cons
9. LinguaScribe - The Price & Funnel
10. LinguaScribe - FAQ
11. LinguaScribe - Bonus

LinguaScribe Review Overview

Creator Ben Murray et al
Launch Date 15-11-2020 10:00 EST
Front-End Price $47 (Will increase soon)
Coupon Code lingua5
Refund 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Video
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels
Bonus Huge Bonus
Official site

What is LinguaScribe?

LinguaScribe is the most advanced multilingual translation app with the ability to translate, transcribe, or voiceover any text or audio length into 100+ different languages & different media formats at once using A.I. technology.

This includes proprietary workflow technology that can translate your simple text or audio file into many different languages at once, all in different media formats to use as podcasts, social posts, blog articles, websites, & many more, 100% fully automated.

If that was not enough, LinguaScribe comes with Agency Rights & the largest selection of life-like sounding voiceover options allowing your clients to tap into a whole new pool of buyers by targeting them in their native or alternative speaking language.


Translating your videos, websites and content helps target a huge pool of untapped leads who speak different or multiple languages (especially for local businesses).

The problem is, translation, transcription & voiceover services are expensive. Current softwares are limited to the use of one of these services & can only transform & transcribe one piece of content at a time.

That is where LinguaScribe comes in.

Integrated with A.I. technology, this app can translate, transcribe & voiceover multiple pieces of content into hundreds of different languages & different media formats all at once, allowing you to produce tons of translated, high-quality content in just a click of your mouse.

Now you can run a true translation and voiceover agency thanks to the breakthroughs of LinguaScribe.

About The Creators

linguascribe review Creator

LinguaScribe is created & invented by Cyril Jeet & Ben Murray.

During their profession way, they've achieved admiration for many innovative products : Reputor, Logii, WhatDROID, AdPlify, CloudFunnels 2, SellitPics, LocalReputor, Rewardsly, Forrk, etc...

Who is LinguaScribe best for?

I think LinguaScribe is appropriate for all digital marketers.

  • Online Marketer
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Local Consultant
  • Com + Amazon
  • Info-Sellers
  • Web Developer
  • Advanced Marketers
  • Content Creators
  • Digital & SAAS Product Sellers
  • Website Owners
  • Agency Owners
  • Local businesses
  • Any other kinds of online business

How does LinguaScribe work?

linguascribe review how it works

Check Out The Full Demo Video Below

LinguaScribe Features

linguascribe review features

LinguaScribe - The Pros

  • ✔ Translate your blog articles, social media posts, sales pages, landing page, ads, etc. into any language

  • ✔ Grab any voice-over or podcast & turn it into a blog article or text in the language of your choice

  • ✔ Create voice-overs for your landing pages & videos

  • ✔ Get traffic for money keywords that you can not even think about targeting

  • ✔ Set-&-Forget Workflows make conversion into multiple languages & formats 1-click simple

  • ✔ Get high-quality leads without outspending your competition

  • ✔ 150 Minutes of free audio conversion and free translation till two thousand words

  • ✔ Get higher click-through rates & options with the ‘hit-them-where-they-ain’t’ strategy

  • ✔ Find ‘underexploited’ customers who your competition can notreach

  • ✔ Make Podcasts, Narrations, Audioblogs, Voice-Overs and Audiobooks

  • ✔ Rank in local languages with automated local language content

  • ✔ Go long-tail by feeding Google 5x or 8x the amount of content without working extra

  • ✔ Select between scores of life-like voices & accents

  • ✔ Web based SAAS, works 24/7 from any computer

  • ✔ Free automatic upgrades for one year

  • ✔ Appear in local language directories, collections & search engines with local language content

  • ✔ 30 Days Money Back Guarantee without any questions being asked.

LinguaScribe - The Cons

  • ✖ The price will be increased soon.

So, I highly recommend you pick ‘LinguaScribe’ now at a massive early bird discount as soon as possible… before it’s gone!

LinguaScribe - The Price & Funnel

Front End : LinguaScribe Elite - $24/Month-$37(See Details)

Option 1 - One Time - $34-$37(See Details)

Option 2 - Monthly - $24/Month (See Details)

linguascribe review price

OTO 1: LinguaScribe Pro - $24/Month-$67 (See Details)

Option 1 - Monthly - $24/Month (See Details)

Option 2 - One Time - $67 (See Details)

  • ✓ Support for even more voices and APIs including their best collection

  • ✓ 5x More Free Credit, take your agency to the next level

  • ✓ Multi-user account access + Outsourcer License - add team members or freelancers to LinguaScribe to help grow your agency business.

  • ✓ Ready made agency salespage to get voiceover and translation clients

  • ✓ Two years of free upgrades, you won’t have to buy an upgraded version of LinguaScribe (includes improvements to AI voices)

  • ✓ 10% discount on buying credits in the future

  • ✓ Pro-level bonuses

  • ✓ And many more...

Downsell To LinguaScribe Pro Trial - $1.00 Then $97.00 (See Details)

OTO 2: LinguaScribe Agency - $77-$97 (See Details)

Option 1 - Elite - $77 (See Details)

  • ✓ Access to UNLIMITED Agency Accounts

  • ✓ Unlimited Reseller Rights with DFY Funnel

  • LinguaScribe Agency Toolkit - A collection of DFY swipes, media, banners & more to help land transcription clients

  • ✓ LinguaScribe Local Traffic Agency Course

  • ✓ Whitelabel Rights to DFY Business LeadMagnets

  • ✓ Agency Outsourcing and Scaling Resources - Learn how to scale up your agency through automation

  • ✓ Extra Agency-Elite Level Bonuses

Option 2 - Pro - $34-$37(See Details)

  • ✓ Access to 250 Agency Accounts

  • ✓ LinguaScribe Agency Toolkit - A collection of DFY swipes, media, banners & more to help land transcription clients

  • ✓ Unlimited Reseller Rights with DFY Funnel

  • ✓ LinguaScribe Local Traffic Agency Course

  • ✓ Whitelabel Rights to DFY Business LeadMagnets

  • ✓ Agency Outsourcing and Scaling Resources - Learn how to scale up your agency through automation

  • ✓ Extra Agency-Elite Level Bonuses

OTO 3: LinguaScribe – Vidscribe Pro - $47 (See Details)

✓ Convert any video into any language you want & also generate subtitled videos in any language you want. Now you can unlock the global market for your videos.

OTO 4: LinguaScribe Tuberank Jeet Pro - $47 (See Details)

✓ The best selling video marketing software since 2012. Tuberank Jeet helps you rank your videos higher & get a bigger audience for your videos in this latest version.

LinguaScribe Review - FAQ

  • Q. How does the credits system work? Can I buy more credits?

    A. They have installed the most sophisticated & realistic voice AIPs into LinguaScribe to help make your voiceovers amazing. However, this comes at a significant cost to them, so to make sure the app is stable & working for YEARS to come, they have given you five hundred minutes of free voiceover of voice credits. Once you use these up, you can buy more credits to do more voiceovers with. By the time you reach 500, changes are you have already made money with LinguaScribe.

  • Q. I already have a voiceover app? Why do I need to put my old one aside for this one?

    A. LinguaScribe is the only one that can translate, transcribe & voiceover content all-in-1 including text-to-speech, speech-to-text & speech-to-speech abilities. Plus, it has the most life-like sounding voiceovers & best AI translation technology for grammatically correct translations.

    If that wasn not enough, it is the only one that can automate the creation of mass content. Create tons of transcriptions & records, podcasts, videos, & more AT ONCE in many different languages.

  • Q. Do I need a special Computer or OS?

    A. No, this is a web app. It'll run on Mac, PC, Linux, Chromebook & even your mobile phone.

  • Q. How many languages does it support?

    A. HUNDREDs! In fact all the major & even minor languages are covered. They've integrations with all the major AI services, so you will always have the biggest list.

  • Q. How many voices do you have?

    A. The most! Remember, they support all the AI services. They bring you the largest collection of voices ever.

  • Q. Can I sell this as a service?

    A. Sure! Your commercial license authorizes you to do that.

  • Q. How many voice-overs can I do in a day?

    A. No limits! You get five hundred Minutes of Free Voiceover & you can get more inside.

  • Q. Will they give me good support?

    A. Obviously Yes. They've 24/7 chat support & they take care of you because you're their business. They only want 100% satisfied customers. If you're not satisfied with their products or services you can use the 30 days refund guarantee.

LinguaScribe Review - Special Bonus

linguascribe review bonus
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